100% RE Ukraine Founded

Making 100% The New Normal

National Focal Point Created

On September 24, 2019, the public presentation ceremony of the Global 100RE Ukraine Public Union was held.

Creating the Global 100% RE Ukraine platform is the most powerful attempt in Ukraine to make economic, energy and environmental policy conscious. Global 100% RE Ukraine is to be the largest concentration of green companies, experts, lobbyists and responsible politicians together with civil society united by a common purpose and ideas. “We combine economics, ecology, energy and politics for the benefit of the people to increase longevity and overall comfort.”

“Our goal is 100% clean and affordable energy for everyone. We understand that the transition to 100% clean energy from renewable sources will not be easy and will not happen without the broad support of society. By bringing together green teams that share similar goals and principles, we promote a clean energy philosophy and motivate us to use cost-effective mechanisms to address environmental issues. Every penny invested in the transition to RES will come back with cheaper energy, a cleaner environment, a halt to climate change, years of extended life for the population of Ukraine.

The founders of the Global 100% RE Ukraine platform are:

  • The Office of the Renewable Energy Ambassador, represented by Ruslana Lyzhychko,
  • Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, represented by Andrey Konechenkov,
  • Bioenergy Association of Ukraine – represented by Georgy Geletukha,
  • the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council, represented by Alexander Repkin,
  • Solar Energy Association of Ukraine – represented by Artem Semenyshyn,
  • Ukrainian Association of Energy Servicing Companies, represented by Alexey Korchmit,
  • Bessarabia Development Center, represented by Ivan Lefterov,
  • Institute for Global Transformation, represented by Alexander Dombrovsky,
  • Professional Association of Ecologists of Ukraine – represented by Lyudmila Tsyganok.

The Executive Director of Global 100% RE Ukraine will be Dr. Ivan Gaidutskiy
(+380672453880, e-mail: ivan.gaid@gmail.com)

The Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform, its members and supporters welcome 100%RE UA to the family of national 100% RE focal points, joining Pakistan and Japan.

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