Change – The Revolution continues

Making 100% The New Normal

“After this film, no one can claim anymore that 100% Renewable Energy is not possible.” Carl A. Fechner.

And this is why Global 100% RE is happy to support the famous stage director and his team to carry this message around the world. Our two organisations have signed a media partnership for the new film “CHANGE – The Revolution continues”.

Here is a report from the film crew from the first shootings:

“We just started shooting our new film “Change – The Revolution continues”. Ahead of us there lie four months of filming all across Germany, as well as Japan, England, Bulgaria and the Ukraine. Combining a team of 9 professionals and high-end camera technology, we aim to beat the look and success of the 4th Revolution, our last movie.

We spent the first days shooting in Berlin, filming material of one of the largest living complexes, which has been completely restored to boost its energy efficiency.

Often people are unaware of the fact that a considerable part of the energy transition is the process of saving energy. Therefore we show how everyone is responsible and can contribute to the energy transition. Filming in a social institution, we experience a unique stand for local improvements: long-term unemployed people are being trained to be consultants for saving energy questions. One of our protagonists already thought 276 families on how to save energy in their household.

Another underestimated consumer of energy is the construction of buildings itself. Did you know that 8 percent of the worldwide CO2-emissions are caused by the production of concrete? Berlin, an urban jungle full of impressive buildings constantly wasting energy, leaves behind an urge for solutions.

Leaving Berlin behind, we head towards South Germany, where a city has been built solely of passive houses. It represents the biggest area with passive houses worldwide and provides space for living with next to no energy costs at all.”

For more information about the film, click here or on the Facebook page. Watch the Trailer in English here.

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