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United Nations Climate Summit – New York – 23d of September 2014

 Joint statement of Non-State actors’ representatives

Global 100% Renewable Energy supports the the first joint statement on climate negotiations that is endorsed by such a diversity of non-State actors. It is signed by organisations from different Major Groups, incl. Youth, Trade Unions, Farmers, NGOs, Local authorities, Women, Business and industry and Indigenous peoples, has been sent to Ban Ki-moon and national governments on the occasion of the Climate Summit..

With this  Statement, non-State actors aim at delivering common messages to national governments convened at the Climate Summit, on the urgency and the level of ambition needed for the future agreement in Paris in 2015; but also on the need for a different approach of the negotiations, including local dimensions and non-State actors’ capacity of action.

One of the asks includes the concrete call for 100% Renewable Energy as fast as possible.

#3: “To achieve the goal of limiting global temperature rise below 2°C with high certainty, we call on achieving zero net greenhouse gas emissions, with rapid development of energy efficiency, carbon-neutral technologies which do not present environmental risks and, insofar as this is technically possible, with a long-term goal of achieving a shift to 100% renewable energy as fast as possible.”

Find the Joint Statement as well all signatories here.

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